Some underground music genres, probably


Stuckpop emerged in the late 2000s in Melbourne and parts of London.  The style relies on very light distortion and euphorically steady rhythmic patterns. The sound is inherently melodramatic with pianos typically at the helm.  Stuckpop is an apology for nu-gaze.

Notable stuckpop artists:

The Willie Lomans, Rabbi Rabbi, POFF, War Crime, Bicameral Legislatures


Merging 90’s grunge-core hymns with the violent realities of urban life, movecore mixes electronic melodies with blues progressions.  Though movecore traditionally uses competing guitars to create tempo, this rule has been challenged and pushed since the emergence of nü-move in 2011.

Notable movecore artists:

Grass Rûts, RGBCMYK, Max Golinski, Fruit Punsh, Move to Trash


Wastenoise is a music style that borrows from traditional 50’s Rock n’ Roll assumptions and adds metal textures.  The genre became popular in pockets of the deep south in 2004 and 2005 — many original artists draw on themes from Hurricane Katrina and Massachusetts Senator John Kerry’s failed presidential bid.

Notable wastenoise artists:

Big Pig, Bush Tax Cuts, Bad Apel, The Black Keys, Large Hadron Colliders


The post-hegemonic movement came about in 2014 as a reaction to the reemergence of Ska.  Many post-hegemonic artists rely almost entirely on vibrations, often converting the songs vocals into a series of vibratory patterns.  Record companies often sell post-hegemonic tracks in liquid form.  Many consider the post-hegemony movement to signal a new golden-era of R n’ B.

Notable post-hegemonic artists:

Horatio Sanz, buttdial, Eject Disk, Bruuce Springsteen, BBQ, Male Gaze Theory


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  1. Flounder says:

    buttdial’s got the jams

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