The things we boycotted pt. 1

I’m more interested in things people don’t like than the other way around.  I find its easier represent yourself by explaining the things that are opposite of you than something that is suppose to define you.

In that vein, here is a list of things I boycotted in the year of our lord, 2012:

1. Big Sean

Who gave this guy a rap deal? I can’t wrap my head around how basic his lyrics are. I don’t even think that rappers need to be “hard” as they say but wow, this guy is softer than the month-old bananas that currently are rotting in my fridge. Perhaps the most frustrating part about Big Sean is that Kanye hails him as this great lyricist.  How do I even respond to that? What?

2. Tumblr (sort of)

I joined tumblr about 2 years ago and randomly followed some tumblogs that were suggested to me.  I needed to populate my dashboard so I followed about everyone that was suggested for me.  Design?  Sure I enjoy a good coffee table.  Fashion?  Well yeah, I studied abroad in Europe.  Modern Art? Man, I’m so excited for some inspiration. *follow follow follow.*

What ensued was a constant stream of tattooed models, depressing quotes about the human condition and really really expensive coffee tables.  The seedy underbelly of tumblr is actually a hyper-stimulated fashionista playground where “chasing cool” becomes a really disgusting subscription to the blogs you follow.

I had to unfollow everything and start from scratch.  Now, my dashboard is a mix of Slate articles and cat pics, as order has been restored to my internet experience.

Edit: Only worth-while fashion tumblr is

3. Bad Parody Twitter Accounts

I only personally know about 15% of the people I follow on Twitter.  For some reason a lot of people I know from High School or other past endeavors love to retweet unfunny, low-brow tweets from fake (but supposedly funny) accounts.  ¿Por que?  Twitter is synonymous with Comedy, what’s with all the bad retweets?

Bad parody Twitter accounts include: Fill Warrell, Not Bill Walton, The Prez Obama, Fake ESPN


About Andy Verderosa

Andy is a writer and copywriter in New York. Follow him at @andyverderosa.
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