Don’t give music recommendations to people voting for Romney

Last Monday I finally figured out everything I had been trying to say about this election.  It’s an idea I had been struggling with.  I couldn’t articulate just what I wanted to say.  In an instant, it came to me.

 I wish I was in a upper division Poli Sci class so I could just turn in this sentence as an entire essay.

The Witstream tumblr account does this cool thing where they ask comedians about specific a specific tweet so seeing as this is my favorite tweet I’m going to talk about it as if someone was really interested.

I enjoy having this really hyperbolic view of Republicans being so out of touch with pop culture and technology.  I, of course realize this isn’t always the case, especially with technology (I just like to picture a Romney think tank with a bunch of old e-machines computers running internet explorer), but 99 out of the 100 people you meet at any decent concert are voting for the incumbent.

Don’t make me define decent.  Not here.

I wrote about this earlier, but I still can’t fathom how republicans can watch television or movies without feeling completely thrown under the bus.

I saw this after my tweet and it’s a similar idea.  Yet there is a glaring difference. Though top republicans still fight the war against pornography and sex education, neither party has a “leg up” on sex, as far as I know.

Music, though, that one is pretty easy.  Show me a conservative music blog and I swear to god I’ll quit the internet.

This tweet comes within the context of good bands getting upset about their songs being used in conservative ads.  I love Pitchfork’s headline, The National’s Fake Empire used in ad for Mitt Romney campaign, band is naturally furious.

I’m actually sort of serious about this statement. Fellow forward-thinkers shouldn’t offer out free music advice to those who vote to repress civil rights and hold down the lower class (though, I guess we can thank them for enabling garage rock and Killer Mike’s R.A.P. Music album).  If we can’t get exclusive about music exclusivity what can we get exclusive about?

If you’re not going to vote for equal health coverage for the entire country then you don’t get to listen to Tanlines.

So join me in disabling Spotify Facebook updates, where others can see what amazing music you are listening to.  From now on there will only be one Pandora station and it will consist of Kid Rock, Meatloaf and Lana Del Rey.

Rdio forsure has our backs.


About Andy Verderosa

Andy is a writer and copywriter in New York. Follow him at @andyverderosa.
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