On Sergio Romo and politics and the DREAM act

Sergio Romo showed up the San Francisco Giants World Series parade on Wednesday with a shirt that read, “I just look illegal.”

Despite whatever you may think about using sports (or really any other form of popular culture) to share political views, you have to give it up to Sergio for keeping it this real.

I’ve always loved Romo.  He’s by far the best interview on the Giants and he may just have the best slider in baseball.

Romo was born to Mexican parents in Brawley, California and last week became the first Mexican-American to save a game in the World Series.

Though the shirt was a little too “2007” for my taste, I applaud Sergio for his need to take a stance.  At this time of great need celebrities and others in the spotlight are using their influence to get out the message (perhaps at the request of Joe Biden).  In the past week we’ve seen Lena Dunham and Brad Pitt  endorse Barack Obama on social issues, and as Sergio Romo got dressed this morning he decided to tell the world about something that mattered to him and hundreds of thousands of other Americans.

The “I just look illegal” shirt speaks to two separate issues.  Most famously the Arizona law SB1070 which legalizes racial profiling which is just so ridiculous I’m not going to spend my time writing about it, and also the DREAM ACT.

I reported on the DREAM act a few years ago, but to sum it up, the DREAM act grants undocumented students permanent residency rights so they can do things like, I don’t know, get student loans or obtain a drivers license.  Republicans continue to vote down the act because they say it would reward illegal immigration they hate brown people.

The shirt is funny and poignant.  I like to imagine Sergio getting pulled over because he looked “illegal,” and then he flashes his World Series ring while taking out his drivers licence. Also, in this dream he is wearing the blazer from the giants “Single’s Night” promotional video.

Anyway, people aren’t illegal and they aren’t aliens, you’re just a racist.

Also, this.


About Andy Verderosa

Andy is a writer and copywriter in New York. Follow him at @andyverderosa.
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