Drake, I think it would be chill if we hung out

Drake, is it okay if I call you Drake? I think it would be chill if we hung out.  I say this because I think we have a lot in common and could have a pretty good time just kind of chilling or doing whatever.  I’m not claiming to be your biggest fan or anything, surely there are people who just swoon over you.  What I’m saying is that I think you, me, a couple of your friends and a couple of my friends would have a good time shooting the shit, drinking beers and making fun of things on TV.  What do you like to watch?  Tell me you saw Homeland?  What channels do you get on the tour bus?   This really isn’t like a joke.  I think we’d get along.  I’m willing to bet you’re favorite song off of the Black Album is “Lucifer” or maybe “Allure,” but either way we’ll play that album whilst chilling.  When we get a little tipsy I’ll probably play something off of Comeback Season and ask you to rap it, if that’s alright.  For full disclosure, I’ll admit I downloaded the “Take Care” leak, but I think you’re chill with that because it’s whatever.  All this couldn’t come at a better time because you are coming to Davis, California and thats where I live.  This would be the ideal time for us to chill seeing as I don’t have any plans visiting Houston, Atlanta or Las Vegas.


About Andy Verderosa

Andy is a writer and copywriter in New York. Follow him at @andyverderosa.
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