Bart Scott in the greatest interview of all time?

If you haven’t seen Bart Scott’s postgame on field interview with Sal Paolantonio check it out:

This, my friends is sport.  We pay to see athletes play at the highest level giving everything they have in order to bring joy to their fans.  This vindicates this idea.  I’m always curious to wonder whether or not the players realize the fans probably care more about the team then they do.  Its a sad realization, but players get swapped around, it would be disingenuous to believe a player could have the same loyalty and passion to a given team that a third generation fan. Bart Scott, though.  Nah.  He revels in victory, shoving it in the faces of the non-believers, Chris Berman teet-suckers like Tom Jackson and amount to nothing Jets like Keyshawn Johnson.  If players cared more about winning and losing, you’d see these kind of interviews all the time.  Bart Scott took this game personal, and it made for a much more entertaining version of “poetic justice.” Bart Scott is sticking up for his team and showing his fans that his team is worth rooting for.

Ready for Pittsburgh?

Can’t wait.


About Andy Verderosa

Andy is a writer and copywriter in New York. Follow him at @andyverderosa.
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