On the song “According to you” by Orianthi

Okay so I heard this song in the gym the other day and because I had forgot my iPod I was paying a lot of attention to lyrics and songs I had never heard before.   I recognized the song from a montage on The Hills or something like that.  Anyway, so I listened and found some serious flaws in Orianthi’s mindset and overall attitude towards relationships and the two men she address in the song.  The premise of the song is according to “you” (let’s call “you” guy number 1), I (I refers Orianthi) am not that great of a girl, but according to “him” (guy number 2) I am an incredible girl who any guy would love to be in a relationship with.  Still with me?

Okay so here is a video with the lyrics

So obviously guy number 1 has been in the relationship with Orianthi, but guy number 2 is a new suitor.  Whose opinion of Orianthi are you going to trust?  Guy number 1, the man who seemingly knows her better, or guy number 2, the man who is probably just looking to impress Orianthi enough so that he will eventually be able to tell his pals he had intercourse with a something named Orianthi.  I think Orianthi is the name of a Pokemon as well.

So according to guy number 1, Orianthi cant be on time to save her life,  is a bad joke teller and has an awful attention span.  These things aren’t really opinions.  If guy number 1 truly thinks all these things rather habitually, they have to be real to some extent.

So when Orianthi says, “according to him, I’m funny” I can’t help but believe guy number 1.  Guy number 2 sounds like he frankly doesn’t know Orianthi well enough to make these judgements just yet.  While it may seem that Orianthi is beautiful and irresistible at first, don’t you think its a bit odd to have such extreme altering views?  Maybe guy number 2 just has a bad sense of humor, but I’ll attribute the rest of his ignorance to a lack of knowledge about the girl.

In conclusion, I think Orianthi is really the problem in this whole equation.  Instead of addressing some of her character issues Orianthi threatens to go for another guy.  A guy who can’t really see the inner-Orianthi just yet.  Orianthi is a real relationship rookie if she doesn’t understand that the beginning of a fling is always very fast, fun and exciting and that it takes a while to really get to know someone.  So I’m with guy number 1, I’ll take your word for it.  Orianthi is a psycho bitch.  Guy number 2 also comes off as a pussy.


About Andy Verderosa

Andy is a writer and copywriter in New York. Follow him at @andyverderosa.
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